A software platform offering payment, loyalty, marketing and gamification functionality that makes “buying local” cheaper, easier and fun.

Using WayPay, local businesses and community residents support each other, generating a circle of prosperity in the community.

For communities that want to help local businesses prosper, by making them more competitive and providing incentives for community residents to buy local.

Local businesses  and citizens that share common interests. For example: neighbourhoods, towns, trade associations, shopping centers…

Through a Community QR that residents download to their mobile wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) and use in every local purchase.

With the Community QR, residents can take advantage of promotions, pay for municipal services and at local businesses, and participate in gamification dynamics.

A branded and controlled QR for each community. Each residents downloads their unique version of the QR.

The Community QR serves as a communication channel with residents through push notifications sent directly to the holder’s mobile phone.

It allows rewarding local purchases stamos, points or cashback. It provides intelligence on purchasing habits.

It is100% digital! A sustainable form of marketing, with no use of plastic or paper.

Yes. First we design with your Community QR. Then we start working on campaigns and dynamics that you want to launch. Residents download the QR from your website or social media and local businesses use our free app to scan the QRs and record every purchase.

Absolutely. In fact, both are complementary. The QR in the citizen’s wallet is designed to target the 90% of customers who do not wish to download a new app.

Yes. Some of our clients choose to integrate the QR in their app or in their marketplace.

It is proven that citizens are more likely to download a QR on their mobile than to install a new app. It is easier to participate in promotions and get a loyalty card simply by downloading a QR, without having to install an app.

In addition, having your own QR is much cheaper than having an app, because it does not require development or maintenance.

Yes! WayPay offers a new communication channel with residents through push notifications. Message them to communicate events, promotions, news … options are endless!

Through mobile wallets you can send notifications to citizen’s mobile that they will see with the locked screen. Notifications can be programmed based on an event or geolocated when passing through a specific place.

The most common practice is for local businesses to scan Community QR that the resident shows from their mobile phone.

Another option is for the resident to go to the back of their community QR, and from there, scan Merchant QR, entering the amount to be paid.

Yes, contact us and we will explain it to you in the demo.

Yes. You can preload a balance to pay with the QR at merchants selected by the community.

We can help you. Ask us for a demo and we will get in touch with you.

100%, our platform uses dynamic QRs that change with each purchase and we have security systems to prevent fraud.

Not necessarily. You can leave your QR active indefinitely or decide to expire them on a certain date or period.

Most of our clients decide to leave their QR active indefinitely to generate a volume of residents with their QR installed to whom they can communicate next campaigns.

Absolutely yes! QRs are an easy way to reach residents who have participated in previous campaigns. Don’t forget that you can keep in touch with them and inform them of your next campaigns. The Community QR will make your campaigns have much greater reach.

Of course! Many communities use their QR to play games that generate engagement and foot traffic: treasure hunts, roulette, raffles…