We are WayPay, a commerce solution that empowers communities.

We believe a local community in its entirety can thrive and develop if empowered by a technology that has the ability to bring together its resident consumers and businesses. We strive to be that technology.

Everything we do is for the support of the community. We unite local businesses and residents by offering them a commerce solution that benefits them both. For the resident consumer, a contactless payment and a versatile loyalty program that rewards them and their community. For the local business, a cheaper way to get paid and a communication and marketing platform to connect with consumers. WayPay energizes the community, by triggering the local multiplier effect that generates prosperity and economic growth.

We make buying local cheaper, easier, and more fun.




General Manager for Microsoft Solutions
Latin America

Partner Director / Lawyer
at García-Echave Abogados

Executive, Board Member
and Strategic Advisor

Executive, Board Member
and Strategic Advisor

Venture Capital & Private Equity


Founder at Heraldist & Wondermarks

Payments and Financial
Supply Chain Innovation

SVP Product Management at Flywire

Impact innovator at ABN AMRO

Director, Data Security at Trellance