A commerce solution that empowers communities

Communities can thrive and develop if empowered by technology that brings together its resident consumers and businesses.

We are WayPay, we strive to be that technology.

Discover WayPay

Intuitive software technology that brings residents and local commerce together


The perfect way to support local business

We make buying local easier and more fun. We unite local businesses and residents with a platform that encourages consumption in your community.

Encourage and reward buying local

With the Community QR

Resident consumers install the Community QR in their mobile phone.

Or your app, if you have one.

They use it to pay, receive rewards (discounts, cashback), and receive important messages.

Connect with resident consumers

Push notifications sent to the Community QR

The Community QR allows direct messaging to the mobile phone. 

Reach resident consumers when they want, where they want.

Our payment, loyalty and gamification technology

Welcome to sustainable marketing campaigns that keep local commerce thriving!

Reward visits

Only visits to the merchants of your choice count. Make it fun! The first ones to make 5 visits win…

Offer discounts or cashback as prizes. All tracked and kept on the Community QR.

Reward purchases

Track accumulated amount of purchases in selected merchants. Decide prizes based on balance.

Resident consumers check their balance and receive important messages on their Community QR.

Community Gift Card

Easy to get, fast payment, completely digital. Resident consumers no longer buy and give the big retailers gift card; they now give the Community Gift Card that can only be used to buy local!

Community funds

Offer resident consumers money that can only be spent in local businesses.

Preload a community gift card with a bonus, or reward the first purchases, you decide.

Community projects

Encourage buying local by establishing Community projects that a percentage of local purchases support.

Help build the new … by buying local!

Our customers

Your branding, your control

You design your own Community QR.

Update the look of installed and new QRs with seasonal campaigns (Back-to-school, Halloween, Black Friday, xMas…) or important community events and news.

Start using WayPay in your Community

Resident consumers install your Community QR in their mobile phone.

Local business use the WayPay Community App to scan the QRs and keep track of sales and customers.

Contact us

Fill in the form and we will contact you in 1 or 2 business days.

Let's design your Community QR

Design the QR with your branding and the theme of your first campaign.

Let's work on campaigns for the next few months

It is not a one-time deal! We want the local economy to continue thriving!

Merchants download and use the WayPay Community App

The selected local businesses register and use the app completely free, and they even get their own free digital Punch Card.

Our partners

With WayPay you can do a lot

Start making a difference in your community, start trying what you can do with WayPay